Receive God’s Word

Be hungry for God’s word – taste, chew it, swallow it and allow it to become part of your being.
Believe God’s word. Don’t just be excited to hear it, allow it to go deep into your soul.
Be attached to God’s word. Make it more valuable than any care, riches or pleasure that you can find in this world.
Hear God’s word with an expectation of becoming a life-giver because of it. Hear God’s word, Keep His word and bear fruit because of His word, even by pressing through every resisting force for the testimony of its life. Never forget – God’s word comes from His mouth to your heart – Spirit to spirit. It not just found in a book. It is a love expression from your heavenly Father to you as His son or daughter. #goodseed #goodsoil #goodlife

Destiny is only found in Christ and nothing is worth trading away your true identity, testimony and purpose in life.