Local Church Training

House of Bread Ministry Offers Training Sessions In:

  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Prophetic Training and Activation
  • Understanding Authority
  • Generational Leadership
  • Understanding Grace
  • New Covenant Realities
  • End Time Realities
  • A Culture of Honor
  • A Culture of Grace
  • Generational Inheritance
  • The Kingdom Community
  • New Covenant Worship 

These Training Sessions are based upon books written by Ted J. Hanson and training courses and materials offered through Christ Life Training. Training can be done as a weekend school from Friday night through Sunday night or as a week of training. These courses can be fit to your church’s personal needs and Ted Hanson will work with you to assure that the best process can be applied. 

Ministry Training School:

http://www.houseofbread.storeThe training process is under the direction of Ted J. Hanson, the founder and main teacher in the school. The teaching staff of Christ Life Training is made of seasoned fathers and mothers in the faith who bring a ‘life message’ for an impartation of grace to the students in the training process. The training process is also comprised of individuals who are a community core group of facilitators and disciples in the community process of Christ Life.

At the present time training is only available online. Courses can be viewed at www.houseofbread.store

Online Training:

Fine tune your ability to Be EMPOWERED to LIVE in the NOW of the living testimony of Christ. Receive key study tools for the interpretation of scripture in a PERSONAL and INTIMATE way. Be TRANSFORMED through an understanding of God’s LIFE giving authority and INSPIRED for the GENERATIONS of tomorrow.

Courses are offered in English and in Portuguese in many cases. These courses include video, audio, and written material that can be accessed at your location through your internet connection.

Online Courses 

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Our Ministry is Through Relational Connections Throughout the World.

House of Bread is committed to provide resources and equipping to the Body of Christ through relational connections around the world. 


If you have any questions about our Resources or any other thing, you can contact us on our Contact Page.