House of Bread Ministry

House of Bread ministry seeks the Lordship and direction of Jesus Christ in equipping believers for the work of ministry and in developing the maturation of the body of Christ throughout the world. Our message is one of New Covenant Life and Grace!

House of Bread Ministry provides prophetic input and apostolic oversight, direction, instruction and input, wherever received as such in the Body of Christ. That apostolic role serves each local church government and operates out of relationship and relational accountability.

House of Bread Ministry is connected to many ministries and Christian leaders who are committed to provide encouragement, relationship, and various levels of accountability to one another. House of Bread Network is a common connection through relationships and ministry purpose.

House of Bread Publishing

House of Bread Ministry provides Christian publications to aid in the maturation of the Body of Christ throughout the world. This is made possible by House of Bread Publishing, the publishing arm of the House of Bread.


House of Bread is committed to provide resources and equipping to the Body of Christ through relational connections around the world. Books and resources are available at our House of Bread Bookstore:  

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Christ Life Training

Christ Life Training is part of House of Bread Ministry. This is a ministry training school equipping the generations to bring New Covenant life and grace to the world.

Christ Life Training provides a spiritual encounter with Christ that is both revelatory and transformational in nature. The primary teacher is Ted J. Hanson. Many of the courses are based upon Ted’s personal revelation and grace in teaching, activating and releasing New Covenant life and grace in others. All of the teaching at Christ Life Training is by individual’s who carry a life message. Secret things belong to God, but when they are given to someone, they can be given to those who hunger for the grace given by God for that secret to be multiplied in the lives of many. The training process is designed to challenge you, stretch you, and make you grow through an encounter with Christ in your heart and in the room.

The training process sets a foundation for knowing God’s love, becoming empowered by His grace to overcome in life, and it inspires generational thinking to see God’s glory in the generations. You will be immersed in an experience of New Covenant life and grace. You will encounter God in a way that will activate a growing testimony for life in practical and supernatural ways in your life.

Since 1993

House of Bread Values:

  • To see Christ as the center of every man and every community
  • To see God’s grace empowered and manifest His life-giving truth
  • To activate the internal kingdom of God for the kingdoms of men
  • To see the purpose of man as sons and daughters of God to be givers of life to their world
  • To manifest the life of Christ in others that fulfills the Father’s will

Our vision is to serve the Body of Christ as a Resource Center. 

Our goal is "To Distribute Living Bread to the Nations".

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Thank You For Your Support

Your prayers and financial support are making it possible for House of Bread Ministry to reach the world. Please consider supporting House of Bread Ministry.   Checks Payable to: House of Bread Ministry, 3210 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA  98225

To avoid us paying a transaction fee from your donation, you can also set up a payment or an automatic payment from your bank to House of Bread Ministry. Just set it up as a ‘bill pay’ through your online bank account and your bank will mail a check to House of Bread Ministry. We will record your payment as a donation to House of Bread Ministry (E.I.N. 91-2009037) and we will send you a contribution receipt at the close of the year.

Our Ministry Information Is:
House of Bread Ministry
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