Prophetic Words and Prophetic Points

A Prophetic Declaration:

Isaiah 51:3 For the LORD will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, and her desert like the garden of the LORD; joy and gladness will be found in it, thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

God says, “Lift up your eyes and see that I am near. I am opening doors that have not opened before in your life and I am closing doors that could not be shut. For this is a season of healing and deliverance but even more, it is a season to set at liberty! You will find the liberty of My presence and in finding the liberty of My presence you will not only find freedom for yourself, but you will become a carrier of grace for others. You will carry the substance of liberty to those who have been bound to the past or bound from the future. For the time is NOW,” says God; “And in the NOW time of My presence things that have been locked will be unlocked and things that were loosed against you will be destroyed. There will be a moving forward but that moving forward will be a further expression of My NOW presence in you. The desirable place is in My heart, and you will find the desirable place that comes from knowing Me.”

The Lord inspired me to proclaim this today – October 8, 2022


It has been a while since I posted some prophetic thoughts. This is a word from this past weekend.

June 12, 2022 – Everyone’s Church, Mt. Vernon, WA – Ted J. Hanson

Don’t be afraid. There’s no reason to hide. There’s no reason to hide from Me. I’m stripping away the things that you would seek to hide in. I’m stripping them away, and I’m causing you to be sure footed, as I am sure footed. Because I am love and I want you to know My love. So, this is not a day to hide under the fig leaves of religion. It’s not a day to hide under the pretenses, because I authentically love you and I’m calling you to be you. So, you’re going to know – You’ll be called the surefooted ones. The ones that don’t easily stumble. The ones that overcome. Not because of your strength from the flesh, but because of your strength because of My love. I’m stripping away the branches of the past to reveal things that are planted now and new. Even in your life, and in the life of the church, this church, and the body of Christ. God says, I am causing things to be birthed, to be planted that not only grow but they overcome in all things. So, this is a season that you will be known as the surefooted ones, you’ll be known as the planted ones, because you know I am the Surefooted One and I’m the One who plants and I am the One who establishes. So, I’m bringing forth my grace for that in this season and in this time, says God.

On January 16, 2022 I released a prophecy regarding the present season that we are in. In that prophecy I declared that there would be a discovery of new dimensions that we had not thought of before for the sake of what is on the table. What is on the table is a matter of restoration of things on earth as God has always seen them to be in heaven. It is not a restoration of what we have known before, but a restoration of what God has seen and known. It is revolutionary for us, but normal reality for God in heaven. In that prophecy, I declared that there would be discoveries in science and technology that would be signs of what God is doing. Unknown to me, an article was published on this same day in regard to scientific and technological discoveries just done by a group of scientists in Australia (Proof of concept verifies physics that could enable quantum batteries, by Michael Irving, January 16, 2022 –
This article is about a discovery made through experiments to develop quantum batteries that could revolutionize energy storage capacities. The research and discovery was based upon a quantum theory of superabsorption. It involves the entwining of wave frequencies to act collectively and produce quantum effects that advance their ability to absorb light. In the article, Michael Irving quotes the author of the study, James Quach: “Superabsorption is a quantum collective effect where transitions between the states of the molecules interfere constructively.” “Constructive interference occurs in all kinds of waves (light, sound, waves on water), and occurs when different waves add up to give a larger effect than either wave on its own. Crucially this allows the combined molecules to absorb light more efficiently than if each molecule were acting individually.”
Pay attention to this! What appears to be interference, is constructive. It is not destructive. It has a positive effect. The colliding effects of different waves has a greater effect than any wave by itself. More light can be absorbed by the colliding molecules than when each molecule acts individually.
January 16, 2022 – Ted J. Hanson –  Normally God speaks to me concerning ministry in the form of ships, but Today God says, it is about the rudder. It’s an upside-down perspective. I hear Him saying, I am not leading you by the way of your eye. I am leading you by the way of My heart. This is going to be a season of the rudder. A season of you – you, the rudder. Being submerged in My peace, being submerged in My presence, being submerged in My purpose and what I submerge you in you become. And you will become an expression of word – what you speak, what you say, who you are sets the course of the direction that you’ll go. This is not a season nor a year for you to see the objective of where you’re headed. It’s a season for you to trust Me in a deeper way. Trust Me in the deep submersion of My presence. And in that, I’m going to shape you and you’re gonna be surprised with what comes out of you. I’m going to give your heart’s desire. I’m going to cause you to become the rudder of the ship. Whether it be the fellow-ship, the apostle-ship, the ship that’s going somewhere, the purpose of My way. I’ve not just called you to be individuals, but I have also called you to be individuals, and I’m shaping you because I love you and I desire you to know Me and I want you to know that I know you. And in that, this is going to be a different season of ships. It’s from the upside down. Where you can’t see the sails. It is not even about the gollywobbler, that is the sail that catches the wind that’s almost no wind. This is a deeper thing. It’s upside down. You can’t see where the ship is headed, but I see where the ship is headed, And I’ve seen where your ship has been headed all your life. And this is a season where you’re going to really know Me and going to know that I know you. And I’m going to put in your mouth – see what large ships are guided by such small things as a rudder.


I felt it important to post some prophetic words and and exerts from prophetic direction that I presented in my blogs of 2020. The following is a copy of prophetic words, audio versions of those words, and links to prophetic blogs where these words were referenced throughout the year. God is doing good things.

January 3, 2021 – Ted J. Hanson –

I heard the Lord speak to me to hoist the Gollywabbler sail. The Gollywabbler sail is a very light weight sail and it’s really big and it goes between the masts and it’s used when there is almost no wind. You hoist this giant square sail it’s called a Gollywabbler and it’s able to catch the wind when no wind is coming in the sails. And I heard God say, This is not the season of strong sails, it’s the season of trusting sails. That if you will be light weight and you’ll   extend the full extent of who you are to Me, God says, you will find that My wind really is blowing and that I will move you in the direction I need you to go.                                   January 1, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:


December 29, 2019

I just hear God saying that the past decade there were many things that were not necessarily wrong that you held on to. They were enough for the time to get you to the future, but they weren’t enough to get you into now. And I hear God saying; today if you’ll hear His voice, today if you will hear His voice. So, God wants you to exchange the future for today, because the future as you saw it is stuck in the past. And God has better things for you than you could imagine, but the time is now. And God is releasing a grace for His body to be able to enjoy the moment, enjoy the hour, enjoy the day – today if you’ll hear His voice. Don’t even look at this year as; ‘how am I going to get to the end of this year?’, because that’s how you looked at last year. And last year, God says, I gave you enough to get you to the end of this year, but I didn’t give you enough for today. But now I am releasing My grace for now, and there’s a grace that’s coming on My family, a grace that’s coming on My people to appreciate the time called now. And don’t let now be tainted by what was; or diminished by what you think is yet to come. But let now be, be juicy, let now be full of life. Let now enter into your mouth, let now enter into your taste buds, not just your stomach. And live for the moment, live for today – today if you’ll hear My voice. But God says, there’s a grace for this. So today is the beginning of a moment of reality, and it will be real, unlike any time before.                      May 13, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

May 13, 2020

Part of a word given in September of 2004:

And the Lord says, Im exercising My righteous decree to declare to you the opposition of bondage and promiscuity. I am bringing forth My true Spirit of Liberty. My true Spirit of Liberty will be a spirit of passion, it will be a spirit of compassion, it will be a spirit without compromise. It will be a releasing of those who have been held captive to the bondage of legalism, and a releasing of those who have been held to the bondage of liberality that goes beyond the boundaries of life.

The Lord says, Im exercising My righteous decree even now to declare, Will you be My people? For My anointing oil is here for you. Will you be My people? Will My anointing oil flood your soul? Will you rise up and touch the nations and make them whole? For I am God and I decree My righteous decree in the land this day.”

In the full delivery of the prophetic word, God declared that He was moving into the earth in a spirit of adoption to declare the treasures of great worth. At the giving of this word, I heard millions of voices in the spirit being called into their destiny. One of my lead intercessors in the church saw me in a vision as a father’s womb. God showed me people as gems and jewels coming from the core of the earth to be found in the common realities of mankind. I saw the core of the earth as a means of heaven entering the earth for the glory of God’s name. As the Spirit moved me to prophesy, I declared a release of gems, a releasing all the jewels, and a breaking all the boundaries and all the human rules. Bringing forth the glory of His destiny. Causing all the hearts to be opened to see. He’s forming with the dust a people who can trust. He’s blowing by His Spirit into their very souls. Raising up a people that are strong and whole. The Father sent His love (x 8). End the debates. It’s not time to be late. End the discussion, the time is now.

Don’t ask questions. Don’t ask reasonings. Don’t ask for wonderings of how. Just receive the glory that He sent unto you. Rise to a higher ground – release condemnation. Let go of the fear. Come to the throne of grace. Come stand here. Release the glory that is due unto My name because you’re the reason that My Son came.

It’s the day of inheritance, of distribution. It’s the day of handing out the treasures of My heart. It’s the day of new beginnings. It’s time to start. I send My love to you.

I didn’t just come to break off the shackles. I didn’t just come to rebuke the enemys tackles. I came to endorse you. To seal you with My name. I came that I might send you, that is why I came. I send My love to you (x 8).

You’re not the earth’s refuse. You’re not the earth’s outcast. You are the eternal. The everlasting grace. Because you are a people that I have called My own. You are the house. You are My home. I send My love to you (x 8).                                  April 29, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

April 29, 2020

A word given at the end of 2009

Then I heard God say, if the Bride would call the winds of change winds of increase, she would rise up in her brightest hour and she would become the life-giving womb of God in the earth. I was reminded of this vision this morning.

At the close of 2009 I released the following prophecy:

I keep hearing ‘God’s purposes’ – the hatching of this egg is not a revealing of who you are or who we are corporately. It is the revealing of the bigger plan of God. It’s going to bring great excitement. I’m reminded of the vision I had at the beginning of the year – if the Bride would call the winds of change winds of increase, she would rise up in her brightest hour and she would become the life-giving womb of God in the earth. Another name for an egg that is hatching is ‘womb’. “There is a womb that is an ancient womb – it’s a womb that at times has seemed almost barren, at times it has seemed abandoned, not connected to the will or intent of My people. But,” God says, “it’s right on time and this is the season where My life-giving place is going to be revealed. But it’s not going to be life-giving to you, it’s going to be life-giving because of you. It’s not going to be something that comes merely to do something that meets your needs – it will go way beyond that. It’s going to come forth and be an influence that is world changing – not just world shaking, world-changing. There are many world-shaking things that are going on, but God says He’s bringing forth world-changing things.                                 June 3, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

June 3, 2020

God wants the fruit of the tree of life to be the testimony among men, but bitter roots in our hearts will thwart that destiny. It is time to be healed of our bitter roots, but even more – it is time to bear the fruit of the tree of life among men in a broader way than ever before.                          August 5, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

August 3, 2020 – Ted J. Hanson

I hear the Lord saying that, this season is a season that you cannot see yet. For I proclaimed that there was a new season before you and even as My children crossed the Jordan to come into a land where they were strong in Me, I’ve called you to cross to a place where you become strong in Me. But the crossing of the Jordan was with an ark, and the crossing into that which I have called you is as a body. But not a body as it has been, a body as I have called you. And the Spirit of the Lord says that, this 2020 season is going to have 2020 vision, but that 2020 vision is hindsight. For the Lord says, when you put your foot in the water there was that which had to pass by before you knew there was a path. And even as there was eleven miles of water that had to stop and elven miles of water that had to pass before the eyes of the Israelites, the Lord says, do not be dismayed by the months that pass by you, for the months are passing by that I might bring forth My victory. And you’re going to see that in this season  as you stand fast to be My body that My miracle is going to cause self-seeking and bitterness to melt before you. But the greater miracle is what I am doing in you, for the Lord says, I am doing a new a circumcision of your hearts. And I’m causing you to see Me and to see you more clearly and I am going to roll away the reproach, says God. I am going to roll away the reproach on My body. I am going to roll away the reproach on you. And It doesn’t come without participation, for it’s in your circumcision and it’s in My miracle. For the Lord says, the miracle is already passing by in front of your eyes. So, do not be dismayed by the months that flow before you. For I have determined that there is a new thing and that which stood in the past as a warrior’s strength no longer stands for those warries have died, says the Lord. And there’s a new warfare, there is a new warrior that’s rising. The body of Christ is rising in a new victory and a new testimony. The body of Christ is rising in a new victory and a new testimony. And it’s a rolling away of the reproach, says God. For it is not in the memories of what has been, it’s in the testimony of what is about to be. And you will see as the months pass by before you there will be a passing through and then there will be a great victory, for there will be a testimony of that which I have done and a testimony of that which you have responded to. You shall be the people of God in a new measure and you shall see that bitterness and self-seeking shall melt before your eyes. 

In the giving of this word, I heard the Lord say, eleven months – eleven months like eleven miles. That is eleven months from January, that when your foot went into the new thing in January that the miracle was already there, but eleven months have to pass  before you see the fruit. And 2020 vision is actually also an English idiom for hindsight. So, the vision for 2020 is not what you see with foresight, it’s what you see with hindsight in what God did. And there is going to be a great celebration, I believe, in the twelfth month.                                       August 12, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

August 12, 2020

I hear God saying that, I am establishing My mountain in another measure, but My mountain is made of life-giving stones. My mountain is the stature of Christ. And It’s in this season and in this time that you’re going to see high things come down because something higher is rising within you. For I have declared that this was a time for you to arise and shine, for your light has come. And you’re going to see that that light is going to expand. I’m replanting, I’m rebooting, I’m remeasuring, I’m reviving, I’m renewing, and I’m bringing forth another measure in My grace, says God. And you’re going to see that there is going to be a change because I am changing your beliefs. I’m changing your beliefs.  I’m even changing your ability to believe; to believe Me, to believe one another. Not in the stories of men apart from Me, but in the stories of Me within them. For I am the desire of the nations and I am the testimony of the generations. So, it’s another measure in this season that I’m raising My mountain. And I’m going to demonstrate that My love is strong. Beliefs are being drawn to Me; beliefs are being inspired by Me. I’m teaching you My ways,  you’ll walk in my paths, from your heart will go my law of love and you’ll become a greater expression of My community as My heaven invades your earth, says God.                                     October 21, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

October 21, 2020

From July 8, 2011

The Lord says He’s seeking for a Jacob generation that He might turn the Jacob generation into the “inheriting ones”. “And even now, there’s a transition”, says God, “in My Body and those who have sought to seek and find Me are going to discover that I’m the One Who seeks to find them. And in the place of wrestling, there’s a breakthrough.” For God says, “I’m bringing forth My ‘inheriting one’. I’m bringing forth My Israel. I’m bringing forth My Prince with God. There was a time and there was a season when I sought for those who would be a Jacob generation, but hear the Word of the Lord! Hear the Word of the Lord! Hear the Word of the Lord! This is the day for Me to lay hold of you! This is not the day for you to lay hold of Me! This is the day for Me to lay hold of you – and in Me laying hold of you, it’s time for you to endure! It’s time for you to hold on, and it’s in that place of wrestling that there’s going to come forth as an inheritance – there’s going to come an inheritance!”

There’s a shift in the Spirit. Don’t seek the thing that was before. Seek that which is beyond that which was before. Seek that which is the increase. Seek that which is the ‘more’. For this is not a time to break away. This is a time to stand fast and say, ‘Our God has come! He has laid hold of us and we will not let go of that which He has laid hold of!’”                           October 28, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

October 28, 2020

Last week I spent the week training, activating, and facilitating prophetic words in the lives of some great young people at the G42 Leadership Academy in Georgia. When I do this I often get some great words myself. I sometimes step in front of a student in training and inspire them to declare what they see. In such a moment, a wonderful young daughter of God said that she saw me in a backyard setting and I was working on the back fence of the backyard. It was a wooden fence and I was making sure it was in good repair, but I was not making it new. I wasn’t painting the fence. I was buffering the wood to make it look as it had been. As I presented this word to God in my own personal meditation I felt that God spoke to me clearly.

I believe that 2020 is a season of living in our backyards. All through the summer I have been functioning in the backyard of my home. It is in the backyard that my garden grows, the fruit of my garden in harvested, and I reap the benefits of what grows in my plot of ground. My backyard has grape vines, apple trees, pear trees, raspberry bushes, strawberry plants, blueberry bushes, all kinds of vegetables, flowers, shrubs, and decorative plants of a diverse nature. My backyard has lawn chairs, a table, a hammock, a barbeque grill, and lots of things that pertain to enjoying life personally as well as with family and friends. My backyard represents a place of God’s presence for me in my possession of property. In 2020 I have had conversations over the fence with my neighbors, because it seems the families in my neighborhood have become backyard inhabitants in this season. I believe the church is in a backyard season. It is a season of intimate connection, but not one of performance and visible outreach. This is not a front yard season, but a time to live in the space of more personal connection with God and a few others who are close. It is a time of family, and not a time for strangers. I know that each yard that connects to my yard is also defined by the same things that are going on in my space. I can hear the sounds of children jumping on trampolines, playing with balls (that sometimes stray over into my yard) and I can smell the acroama of barbeque grills making family favorites. Everyone’s backyard is defined by the expressions of family and close relationships.

What is the significance of by backyard fence? My back fence is what defines the beginning of my backyard. Where the church is today is defined by the end of what God did yesterday. Without a visible fence in the back of my backyard, there is no defining point of where my space is now. I believe that God showed me that restoring the fence in a condition of wood that looks as it was is significant of being sure that the principles, patterns, and values of the past are not lost, but also that they are not walked out in the same activity and cosmetics as the past in the present. The methods and means of the past are not the methods and means of the present, but the principals, patterns, and values of the past must define the boarder that allows us to live as we should today. We cannot lose the gold, silver, and precious stones of the past. We can only move beyond the straw, hay, and wood of the past. I believe that the wood of the back fence represents the substance of the past that is intended to be generational in purpose, but we must find the treasures of heaven in the ground of today or we will only have the human efforts of men in what we do today. We must let go of methods, but we cannot let go of values. When we lose the past, we don’t know where we are today.                    December 7, 2020

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

December 7, 2020

2021 is a ‘Come Back’ year. A year to come back to Him, to come back to victory, and to come back to one another. There will be some tough things to walk through, but God is birthing something new and stripping away the non-important things in our lives. He is stripping away performance and birthing authenticity in who we are and what we do. This is the story of being the people of God.

The Spirit of the Lord says that in living in the moment you have not lost My momentum in your life. I am your Father and ours is a business of purpose and destiny. You will find that this year is a year of a great come back. Nothing that I have set in motion will be lost. What looks like loss in your life will prove to be great gain because I am the God of ‘Come Back’. Though it looks like the path is a path of depletion things will turn and what seemed to be lost will come back again. I am birthing the fruit of generations and the plans of men will not thwart My path of life. I am the God of redemption and the price has been paid for mercy and for grace.                                  January 6, 2021

Audio of Prophecy Portion:

January 5, 2021

I heard God say that He is the anchor of our soul and in this season you are going to see that things are going to be more anchored in Me, God says. More anchored in who I am. Anchored in the stronghold of My heart. You are going to see that as you are anchored in Me, as my people are anchored in Me, there are things that have been anchored in the earth that will have to set sail and leave. For I have declared that signs shall follow. You shall take serpents and they shall by no means harm you. You shall take them up!  You will literally lift their anchor and cause them to set sail, but it’s not because of your aggression towards the enemy; it’s  because I am your hope, says God. And as your soul is anchored in Me, you will find there is a new anchor in Me that is going to cause there to be a strength that is beyond what you have known before. Not a strength of the flesh, but a strength of My Spirit. You will see that things that have held people captive, things that have twisted and deceived, will have to lift their anchor and set sail because you have put your anchor in Me.  So, don’t look to set the sails of the enemy, but look to your heart and let your heart be anchored in Me. For I have set a hope that is beyond the veil and that hope that is beyond the veil is even now coming . For I have declared that you would be a blessing and I have declared that you would multiply. I swore it by Myself, says God. And this is the day that I shall cause there to be a greater anchoring in Me. Let not your heart be troubled, but let your souls be encouraged; for the anchor of your hope is in Me, says God.  


Ted J. Hanson