Prophecy – 01/10/2020

The Spirit of the Lord says; What if it is not about what I am removing? What if it is about what I’m revealing? For I am not just removing the things that can be shaken, I’m manifesting the things that cannot shake. And it’s that which is rising in your midst that is causing the things that cannot rise to fall away. God says, be confident! For this is day of stability. This is a day of stability.  Not because you have become stable, but because I Am the Stable One in your midst. For that of your feet in traction, and that of your feet on the court, and that of your feet even moving in casual intimacy with Me, is because I Am the Steadfast One in your midst. I Am the One that is the shoes upon your feet. I Am the peace. I Am the One who brings the testimony of heaven, into your earthly reality. Do you think you can bring heaven into the earth? No – I can manifest heaven into your earth. You cannot bring Me. I can manifest what you allow Me. For the Lord says, this is such a time of ease – Ha Ha Ha Ha  – to release my glory, because I am releasing the things, I’m  manifesting the things,  that cannot be shaken, says God.

Prophecy – 01/10/2020 – Ted J. Hanson