In this book Ted J. Hanson reveals keys for leaders and influencers of people. It is based upon secrets revealed to Ted Hanson in his years of ministry. These secrets are key to Covenantal thinking in the leadership of the church.

Is hearing God’s voice a matter of knowing what to do in life, or is there something more? How do we hear Him? How does He speak? What does His voice sound like? This book answers many questions in regard to hearing God.

The New Covenant is a NOW Covenant. When something is not NOW it is not new. Living in the New Covenant is more than merely living with the power of God in our lives. It is living in a personal relationship with God every day of our lives.

Authority is not a  matter of control. It never takes, but always gives life to others.  Authority is a testimony of relationship. When we find the place of relationship and responsibility in life it brings life to the world around us.

There were seven curses that came into the earth as a result of Adam’s fall. Those curses affect our everyday lives. We even take some of those curses as being normal, everyday life. Jesus Christ came to the world as the Son of Man to break the power of those curses in the earth for all of mankind.

The material presented in this book is meant to activate the reader to seek the fullness of the transforming sevenfold Spirit of grace and to experience God’s plan for the maturation of the Body of Christ. God's grace is His manifest presence in our lives that transforms us.

The believers of the first century set precedence for every generation to come, to the culmination of all things in Christ. Jesus' words were exegetically sound, syntactically witnessed in His dealings throughout all time, and Biblically true for the principle of application in the generations to come.

This is an in-depth look at the book of Revelation and the covenant language of God. "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work".

Worship and praise are not rituals we perform, they are responses to God's love. The result is seen in heavenly changes in the world around us. This book is a must for worship leaders, worship team members, and Christian believers who want to experience the fullness of God’s presence and an encounter with the Holy Spirit in a deaper way.

The voice of the Lord is the voice of many waters and that voice is both working in us and through us to bring about His life in every way. This book defines the true testimonies and witnesses of true prophetic ministry. How do we know a prophecy is from God. This book gives keys to descerning a valid voice of God.

Change will only come to the earth when the voice of God is heard in the earth. When God speaks, He doesn’t speak from a realm of rules and regulations. He speaks from the realm of life. Only words spoken from His realm of life will bring His rule of life to the earth.

This Book is a must for anyone who feels called to a prophetic ministry in Christ. This book is a must for anyone who has experienced the many abuses of prophetic ministry. This book is a must for the sceptic as well as for those hungry to know all they can about the prophetic nature of God and the body of Christ.

God did not create us to be "spirit" nor did He create us to be "natural". God has created us to be awesome agents of life in the midst of a natural world. We are both spirit and natural; and as God's children upon the earth we are to rule and reign as "spiritual" men.

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