Prophecy – 01/05/2020

Prophecy – 01/05/2020 – Ted J. Hanson

The Spirit of the Lord says, don’t be distracted by the things that are moving around you, because the things that are moving around you are things that can be moved. But God says, I put some things within you that cannot be shaken, and that which cannot be shaken will be manifest. Don’t look for the promise to come tomorrow, because God says the promise is in you today. And the promise that is in you today cannot manifest if you’re hiding under things that can be shaken. So, don’t be distracted when the wind shuffles a few things around you and don’t hold on to the things that seem to be flying away. Because this is not a time to fly away. This is time for clear vision. This is a time for steadfastness.  This is a time to be birthed in faith and confidence in Me, says God, unlike any other time before. Because I am very pleased to call you My children, God says. I am very pleased to call you My people. This is My family! And My family is the salt, My family is the light, My family is the life of the world! And I have come to redeem, to bring forth the purposes of humanity in a new way because something beautiful is hidden in the forest. But unless we strip the forest, we cannot find what is being birthed. So, don’t be shaken when a few leaves are flying or a few branches are breaking away because within the forest there is a new tree, there is a new birth, there is something coming forth. And in this season, you are going to see new things born again in you. New things born again in this place. New things born again in the heart of my people. Because this is a time when I am calling all things to be new and the time is NOW, I call it TODAY.