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Your payment for this course will aid us in our mission to the nations with a message of New Covenant Life and Grace.

This course will set covenant foundations in your life concerning what the Bible truly says in regard to the future of the world and the increasing power of Christ’s kingdom and His will being done in the nations. Attention is given to the exegetical application of End Times in the history of the Old Covenant Law and the nation of Israel. This course presents a look a God’s point for humanity, His plan for humanity, a look at the language of Scripture, a covenant view of Scripture, Matthew 24, Daniel’s 70 Weeks, the Last Days, the New Heaven and New Earth, and the Rapture. It is based upon Ted J. Hanson’s book, For His Glory – You Have Been Left Behind.

COURSE INCLUDES A PDF COPY OF For His Glory – You Have Been Left Behind by Ted J. Hanson

  Course Available Here:  SPECIAL PRICE – $30.00 for complete course

Course includes 10 hours of video / audio teachings

A complete Workbook

Optional Assignments to assure course understanding