Christ Life Training

House of Bread Ministry offers ministry training through Christ Life Training. Christ Life Training provides a spiritual encounter with Christ that is both revelatory and transformational in nature. The training process sets a foundation for knowing God’s love, becoming empowered by His grace to overcome in life, and it inspires generational thinking to see God’s glory in the generations. You will be immersed in an experience of New Covenant life and grace. You will encounter God in a way that will activate a growing testimony for life in practical and supernatural ways in your life.

Christ Life Training Valiues:

  1. We are a written letter of Christ
  2. God determines who we are
  3. Our administration is the tree of life
  4. God’s grace transforms our lives
  5. We live to equip others
  6. We live for the body of Christ
  7. God’s voice is always NOW.
  8. The internal Kingdom of God transforms external worlds.

Christ Life Training Noble Cause: 

  • To equip others to transform the world through New Covenant Life and Grace.

Christ Life Training